Brian Haghighi, 29
Co-founder and co-CEO, The California Fruit Wine Co.

Born: Colorado Springs, Colo.
Resides: Carlsbad

Brian HaghighiPacificSD: Describe (in 30-ish words) your business/service/product.
BRIAN HAGHIGHI: The California Fruit Wine Company is the pioneer producer of all-natural wines handcrafted from fruits other than grapes. Our wines are light, refreshing, fruit-forward and surprisingly not sweet.

Describe (in 30-ish words) what exciting things are happening in your business right now.
We just launched two “sangrias,” blends of our fruit wines, which we made in partnership with Whole Foods —pineapple and mango sangria, and pomegranate and cherry sangria. Pick up a bottle at Whole Foods in SoCal, Arizona, Nevada or Hawaii.

Describe (in 30-ish words) your business goals.
To nationally and internationally develop and own the fruit-wine category; to parlay that success into other items across the grocery aisle, leveraging our innovative form of employee ownership.

Describe (in 30-ish words) what drives you.
I really enjoy the process of building something from scratch. That’s fun. Also, I am fanatical about creating efficient, sustainable systems that create positive outcomes for all stakeholders. We are a benefit corporation.

Describe (in 30-ish words) what will you do next.
At some point, I’d really like to go back for a PhD, possibly in Sociology. But I also anticipate continuing to be involved in entrepreneurial ventures, whether starting a new venture, being an advisor, investor or board member.