RAISE A GLASS TO GOOD. Employee Owned. Mission Driven.
The What. The How. The Why


The What  

FruitCraft - kombuchery | cidery   meadery | winery | Distillery 

I started FruitCraft in 2009 (under the name California Fruit Wine). As a San Diego native, I am inspired firsthand by the creativity I experienced in the Craft Beer scene. But where breweries at the time were fermenting mostly grains - an inexpensive source of sugar vis-à-vis starch - and where wineries, then and now, ferment grapes - I decided to do what nature has done since the beginning of time - ferment every other fruit! 

Since then, I have become a master fermenter and now distiller, with our growing company. At FruitCraft we ferment fruit to make kombucha, hard kombucha, cider, mead, wine from fruit, red wine and distill Eau De Vie.


The How

Employee & member Owned

And while Fruitcraft wouldn't be possible without our fermented wares, it has been incredibly important to us to make sure the WAY the business is structured and operates reflects our values.

That's why we have setup a company that is democratically run by the employees for the benefit of society. When we make decisions, we are first and foremost accountable to the workforce and our community to create and maximize what we call social value, instead of maximizing profits at all costs.


The Why  

To Unleash fruitcraft Profits to create common Good

And it is absolutely a truism that businesses need money. It's their oxygen. But the purpose for business isn't to make money in the same way that the purpose for living isn't to breathe oxygen. In our model for business, profits aren't an end but a means, a resource, to accomplish something bigger, a resource to build the common good.