The What  


FruitCraft was started in 2009 making predominately natural wines made from fruit.  Founded in San Diego, the founder, Alan Haghighi, was inspired by the Craft Beer scene. But where breweries at the time were fermenting mostly grains - an inexpensive source of sugar vis-à-vis starch - and where wineries, then and now, ferment grapes - we decided to do what nature has done since the beginning of time - ferment every other fruit! 

Since then, our growing company also produces kombucha, hard kombucha, cider, mead, natural wines from fruit, red wine and  distills Eau De Vie in our San Diego tasting room. 


The How

Private event Venue & membership club

We make our libations available to those who book private events with us. 75% time our venue is booked with venue buy outs from Weddings and other private events. 

When we're not closed due to a private event we put on curated events and experiences for those who want to explore what our food and beverage offerings are all about.


The Why  

Nature's original alcohol was made from fruit

The alcoholic offerings found in our world today are predominantly made from low quality ingredients. The fermentation of grains, corn and rice account for the vast majority of the alcohol that is consumed in our marketplace. But for millenia before the invention of those alcohols, nature itself gave us the original of all alcohols, fermented fruit. The history of alcohol is the history of fermented fruit. To this end, fermented fruit is the predominant paleo beverage that was a regular part of our ancestors diet and it is our teams experience that it treats our bodies better than fermented grains, etc. It's our mission to bring the highest quality alcohol that nature can provide to market and provide it in experiences that can only be found in our tasting room and event venue.