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Fermented and Distilled from fruit.

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Taking craft alcohol to the next level

These days we hear a lot about fermentation. Beer. Wine. Kombucha. But what is fermentation exactly? At it's most basic, alcohol fermentation is the process where yeast, a microorganism, consumes sugar and creates alcohol as a byproduct.

But of all the things we can ferment, we have been scratching our heads to figure out why, on a commercial scale, producers only ferment starch-rich ingredients like grains or potatoes, or only ferment selective fruits like grapes or apples when we have a whole world of flavorful, high quality options to choose from.

What you find out is fruits have been fermented since the beginning of civilization. In fact, it was long before that. Whether it's an pineapple on your counter, or an apple on your tree, fermentation is a most natural process. Controlling that process and producing a tasty product is a whole other story.

That's where we come in. We have taken creativity in craft alcohol to a whole level by skillfully fermenting, as well as distilling, some of the highest-quality fermentable ingredients on earth; fruit!



Breweries ferment grains | Wineries ferment grapes
We ferment nearly every other fruit imaginable.

Alcohol fermented from fruit

Pineapple | 11% | Dry and Bright
Pomegranate | 11% | Refreshing and Bold
Pineapple + Mango Blend | 11% | Semi-Sweet and Tropical 
Pomegranate + Cherry Blend | 11% | Semi-Sweet and Earthy
Cranberry | 11% | Tart and Fruity
Pumpkin Spice | 11% | Sweet and Spicy 



Distilling our fermented wares means the aromas and character of the fruit gets concentrated into the distillate. These super-premium spirits are called Eau Di Vie, meaning water of life in French. The spirits are clear and  have no residual sugar. They make for a mean sipping spirit or work great when cut with tonic water or used in a cocktail. 

Distilled Fruit Alcohol Spirits

Pineapple | 40% | Tropical
Pomegranate | 40% | Earthy
Cranberry | 40% | Dried Cranberry



Our craft cocktails represent the ultimate FruitCraft experience, mixing our super-premium fermented and distilled products for your drinking pleasure.

Craft Cocktails using Fruit-Derived Alcohol


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