Alan Carr Haghighi's Quarantine Bubble Flights With Friends

October 30, 2021 at 1:00 PM

FruitCraft - Fermentery & Distillery

2.50 2.5 USD

We’ve been so good with stay home orders, wearing masks + sanitizing for everyone's health and we deserve a treat for making it this far.

At FruitCraft, we want to thank you for all of the hard work you've done in keeping everyone safe and treat you to a free tasting flight for 4-10 friends in your quarantine bubble. We’ve got options for you and the best part is that we make it all in our San Diego tasting room!

We believe in making clean and natural fruit-based alcohol, with no artificial flavors or colors. All guests in your party will be required to sign up via email for the flight experience. Once you have 4 or more guests, consider yourselves fully confirmed for the date and time.

Due to other reservations for the tasting room, FruitCraft cannot guarantee Flights With Friends seating for parties without their confirmed guest count (we require 4 or more) or late arrivals. Multiple RSVP dates/times by the same quarantine bubble (group of friends) are prohibited and will result in a void in eligibility. Multiple entrants are not permitted to share the same email address. We cannot guarantee Flights With Friends rescheduling.

Confirmation of at least 4 guests is needed 24 hours before the event. If there are less than 4 guests confirmed 24 hours in advance, the date and time could be released for another group. 

Why the $2.50 charge? FruitCraft is happy to provide you with this experience for zero, zilch, zip, nada, nothing, hakuna matata. However, our amazing staff will be serving you and making sure you are having a great and safe time. We value their hard work and ask for a $2.50 gratuity on your end to show them your appreciation through these times. $2.50 would cover the gratuity for one of our flights.

We'll be supplying all the tasting flights, sanitizer,  and "new normal" fun. So what are you waiting for?

Your bubble will receive individual mix and match flights of our fermented libations such as hard kombucha, hard seltzer, hard cider, mead and our signature natural wines from fruit. 

Additional food or drinks can be ordered if you would like but not required. 



1. Live in San Diego, CA! San Diegans are our quarantine bubble :) 2. Be 21+ to consume alcoholic products. 3.Must be part of a quarantine bubble group of 4-10 guests. 4. Each attendee must provide a valid personal email.

 5. Must be a first time attendee of the Flights With Friends Experience unless you are the host. 6. Not have COVID-19 symptoms. If in the 14 days leading up to your reservation you experience, or have been around an individual who is experiencing, COVID-19 symptoms we ask that you stay home and reschedule your reservation. Seriously, continue to do your part to keep everyone safe - its worth it! FruitCraft reserves the right to turn away any attendee that has COVID-19 symptoms.