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FruitCraft Administrator
On 7/15/16, 6:16 PM

California Fruit Wine is best served well-chilled (between 38–42°F). Poured over ice is also a great way to drink our wines, as the fruity characteristics in each varietal continue to develop as the ice slowly melts. As far as glassware goes - stemmed and stemless wine glasses, mason jars, tumblers, pint glasses, champagne glasses, and up-cycled wine bottle glasses are all fair game. Our wines also mix deliciously into a wide variety of cocktails and "mocktails" - try mixing with your favorite spirit, muddled fruits, fresh herbs, mixers, and more!

We invite you to participate in “paying fun forward” by sharing your photos and all the fabulous ways you are enjoying and serving California Fruit Wine in the kitchen and beyond. Tag us in your photos so we can see your creations! @cfwco #fruitwinenation

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