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Amy Ripplinger

--Amy Ripplinger--

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--Amy Ripplinger--
Amy Ripplinger
On 8/27/16, 12:53 AM

Like any wine, the bulk of the calories come from the alcohol. Our wines are 11% ABV and roughly 110 calories per glass – 80 calories from alcohol and 30 calories from residual sugar. Our varieties range from consisting of 1.5% residual sugar (pineapple) to 5.5% residual sugar (mango). We fall just outside of the dry category, but not into the dessert category.

As far as how that relates to other wines, it just depends. For instance, a 14% ABV dry red wine will have an overall higher calorie count, even though it has a very low residual sugar of 1-2%. A sweet moscato with residual sugar closer to 12%, on the other hand, will have an overall higher calorie count, even though its ABV may be 5.5%. In general, our wines, although fruit-forward, have a relatively low amount of residual sugar for their flavor profile.

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