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Amy Ripplinger

--Amy Ripplinger--

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--Amy Ripplinger--
Amy Ripplinger
On 8/27/16, 12:58 AM

You do not need to decant and aerate California Fruit Wine before opening and serving, but no harm will come from doing it. Decanting in the world of grape wines is intended to separate clear wine from natural sediment formed in the aging process, and aerating wine can enhance its aromas and flavors. Fruit wine, however, is not intended to age, so sediment does not usually form, and when/if it does, it does not negatively affect the taste or mouthfeel of the fruit wine. If you want to decant your fruit wine, even if it's just because you think it looks prettier in the decanter, go ahead and do it and your fruit wine will still be delicious and refreshing.

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