by JENNIFER FRAKES | photo by Sergey Kolivayko

Alan and Brian Haghighi started The California Fruit Wine Company in 2009, during the deepest part of the recession. Through hard work and making the most of each other’s strengths, they have built a successful business that is continuing to grow and flourish. “Banding together as brothers was not only convenient, but necessary to create this opportunity. Not a day goes by that we don’t challenge each other. Our first several years were very difficult. However, our drive to create something from nothing, to take the burgeoning craft beer scene in San Diego and improve on it, became our inspiration and motivated us to press on,” stated Brian.

Names: Alan and Brian Haghighi
Professions: Co-Founders and Co-CEOs
Community: Carlsbad
Hobbies: Outdoor activities, biking, dining out, enjoying good beverages with good company
Favorite Local Spots: Vinaka, Wrench & Rodent, Swami’s, Blue Ocean

faces_haghighi2Alan and Brian, and the rest of their team, are seeing the benefit of their hard work pay off – California Fruit Wine Company landed a deal with Whole Foods in 2015, and their wines are now featured in many restaurants, including some local Carlsbad establishments.

According to the brothers, one of the most unique aspects of their business is its commitment to social value enterprise. “Social value benefits all parties fairly with long-term sustainability in mind. Social value has impacted how we understand our work, how we have structured ownership and control in the enterprise and how we intend to use profits to develop an economy built on social value,” explained Brian. The brothers have recently hired a team of sales people to help create the foundation for a national category for fruit wine. It is their intention to use profits from California Fruit Wine Company to help other enterprises adopt the social value principles.

It can truly be said that these brothers are making their hometown proud. Alan and Brian grew up in North County, attending Lake Elementary (where their mother is a teacher), Madison Middle School, and Rancho Buena Vista High School. After college, the two moved back to the area and are thrilled to live and work in Carlsbad. “Our favorite aspect of living here is the charming atmosphere in the Village,” said Alan. In their spare time, Alan and Brian enjoy spending time outdoors, biking, and dining out with good friends and family.