SAN DIEGO, Aug. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The California Fruit Wine Company has developed two sangrias in partnership with Whole Foods Market’s Southern Pacific region. California Fruit Wine’s Pineapple + Mango Sangria and Pomegranate + Cherry Sangria – blends of their single varietal fruit wines – can now be seen prominently displayed in 55 Whole Foods stores in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii.

“Whole Foods is a wonderful grocery partner for us,” says Brian Haghighi, co-founder of California Fruit Wine, who is responsible for the sales and marketing of the company. “They are dedicated to offering their customers only the highest quality products. The California Fruit Wine Company’s wines and sangria blends fit the Whole Foods profile perfectly.”

Whole Foods Market sought out the California Fruit Wine Company while looking for an offering that could marry the success the chain had with sangria and with a pineapple wine that they sourced out of Hawaii.

“Today’s conscious consumer is more aware than ever of what they are eating and drinking,” says Alan Haghighi, co-founder and California Fruit Wine’s master winemaker.”We don’t just add fruit-flavoring to a cheap grape wine; we actually ferment all of these different fruits. That’s why Whole Foods decided to partner with us.”

Traditionally, “wine” is fermented from grapes. But anything that has sugar will naturally ferment – the process of yeast converting sugar into alcohol. And while fermenting fruit is certainly not a new concept, California Fruit Wine Company is breathing new life into an ancient, untapped category.

California Fruit Wines have been skillfully crafted to be an any-time-of-day wine, best when served well-chilled during brunch, lunch, and late-afternoon. The wines and sangrias are surprisingly not sweet and pleasantly all natural.

With the growth of ciders and other fruit infused beverages, the California Fruit Wine Company is perfectly positioned to capitalize on what is looking to be a fast-growing segment of the alcohol industry. All of California Fruit Wines sangrias and wines are available for purchase nation-wide on our website,

The California Fruit Wine Company is an urban winery in Carlsbad, CA (San Diego County). The company is the pioneer producer of all natural wines handcrafted from fruits other than grapes. California Fruit Wine was founded in 2009 by twin brothers, Alan and Brian Haghighi, who, after discovering that wine could be naturally fermented from any fruit, made it their mission to unveil their delicious fruit wine to the world. Why should grapes have all the fun!

In addition to their sangria blends, the California Fruit Company also offers their single varietal Pineapple wine, Mango wine, and Pomegranate wine online at

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