VISTA (August 30, 2014) – On Saturday, August 30th, California Fruit Wine (fre-be), an urban winery specializing in handcrafting wines from fruits other than grapes, will host a Labor Day release party from 5-9 pm.  In addition to sparkling versions of their handcrafted wines, they will be unveiling a new model for business that they are pioneering called Social Value Enterprise.  In most businesses, employees do not share in the value of the asset that they help build – the business itself.  A Social Value Enterprise invites these critical team members into the equity of the business.  This is accomplished through a trust instrument; the trust holds the founders shares of the business and employees get added as beneficiaries after a vesting period.  Those shares, in a sense, become a community asset that are then leveraged for the betterment of this work -based community.

“Labor day seems like a great day to announce this new model,” said Brian Haghighi, Co-founder and Co-CEO along with his twin brother Alan Haghighi.  “Labor Day is an annual celebration of the contributions American workers have made to the strength, success, and welfare of our country.  Our Social Value Enterprise model reflects the critical role that labor plays in building value in our society.  It’s a model that we believe provides the structural means for creating a happier, more equitable, more vibrant society.”

Twin brother Alan feels the same. “I know from the outside it might seem we’re crazy.  I mean, who would give up their entire equity of a company?  But for us we feel we’re gaining much more than we’re losing.  While we got into this because we wanted to grow a very large, disruptive business – a business that is focused on creating sustainable value – we are much more interested in creating a productive, vibrant community than becoming independently wealthy.  That’s where we’ve chosen to invest – into the people around us.”

The Labor Day Weekend Release Party will take place Saturday, August 30th from 5-9pm.  They will have live music, catered sushi for purchase, as well as sparkling versions of their delicious fruit wines.  Admission is free. California Fruit Wine is located at 1040 La Mirada Court, Vista, CA 92081.  They are open for Sunday tastings from 1-6pm and for monthly “release” parties.  In addition, their fre-be wines (pineapple, mango, pomegranate, and cranberry) are available for purchase at all Fresh & Easy stores in CA, AZ, and NV. At less than 100 calories per glass, their wines make a healthy, fruit-forward ingredient in sangria, mimosas, or other creative fruit wine cocktails. For more information on California Fruit Wine visit or call (858) 522-WINE.

Media contact:
Brian Haghighi, CFW
(760) 519-4221