Raise a Glass to Good - Holiday Edition

Perk up with our thoughtful & natural holiday gifts

while shopping local during the stay-at-home order!

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At FruitCraft, we’ve been able to weather through the first stay at home order through support from customers just like you. Your loyal patronage these past 5 months since we opened in July, exceeded our tasting room venue from before the pandemic! We could not have done that without the support of our customers as well as the creativity and ingenuity of our staff. 

We are grateful for not only weathering through the last stay at home order but also the success you brought us through it. 

We never thought we’d be here again but tasting rooms, bars and restaurants are shut down for the second time in California due to a stay-at-home-order. The stay at home order coupled with little to no help from the government has forced businesses to get creative in weathering through this time. 

The disruption to restaurants and tasting rooms is no small thing during the peak holiday season when our industry is accustomed to a lifeline of additional sales and when our staff are typically rewarded for the hard work they’ve done all year. 

This campaign invites our loyal customers to continue to support us during this stay at home order, so that we can come out stronger on the other side of this. 

We are thankful for the community that has kept us going strong with loyal tasting room patronage and memberships these past months with no government help. We will continue to stay strong but once again we are leaning on our community with new creative ways that benefit you as well! `

Our team has come up with ways you can support FruitCraft so that we can come out strong after the three weeks of shut down. Help us this holiday season by purchasing local! 


Our Raise A Glass to Good Campaign… Holiday edition will help us provide some stability for our staff  and to create a foundation for us in the future. 

Our email list has grown to over 10,000 people and if only 200 of the 10,000 committed to continuing their patronage with FruitCraft we will have what we need to weather this next storm! 

Support local holiday season! Local businesses have had to get creative time and time again in order to endure shutdowns and keep community dollars in the community. 

Our email list of 10,000 can and will get us through this shutdown and the perks are just the icing on the cake for our supporters. 

There’s plenty of perks at each level! Consider supporting at the $100 level where you’ll receive a $100 gift card and a case (12 bottles) of our signature wines from fruit. Gift cards can be divided into different increments for easy holiday gifting. 

All of our levels are designed to offer you and your holiday gift list something to enjoy now and when we open back up after the stay at home order is lifted. 

Gift cards can also be used for dine-in (once the stay at home order ends) or for to-go purchases. They’re an especially thoughtful gift for those in your life who have a hankering for growlers of our hard kombucha, hard seltzer, hard cider, mead, and craft cocktails.

We thank you for giving us the support at this time, and are finding ways of being creative and bringing value to you as our customers. 

We look forward to re-opening on the other side of this stay at home order, just like we did back in July, but between now and then you can still support by purchasing holiday gifts for you and your family and friends through this campaign. 


Why gift our natural wines from fruit or any other products we manufacture? 

At FruitCraft, we believe in making clean and natural fruit-based alcohol, with no artificial flavors or colors. You’ve tasted it, you’ve loved it, so give the gift natural fruit-based alcohol this season! 

Nature was the OG alcohol maker. Before humans invented beer, sake and most other alcohols, nature made alcohol from fruit all on its own. Fruit-based alcohol is the most ancient and the original of all alcohols. By fermenting the highest quality ingredients that nature can offer - fruit! - we are able to provide you with the best and most delicious drinks possible.

Gift cards can be utilized for all of our alcoholic and non-alcoholic options including hard kombucha, hard cider, hard seltzer,  mead, wines, non-alcoholic kombucha and cold brew. The best part is that there’s something for everyone and we make it all in our San Diego, CA tasting room.