Member & Investor Feedback

What is your favorite item on the food menu, either past or present? *

What other foods items do you wished we had? *

Would you change anything about any of the existing food items? Ingredients? Price? *

Is there any other feedback you have for us about our food? *

How important are these items when considering a return visit? *

Not Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantVery Important
Fermented Wines
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How important is it to you that we are constantly creating new... *

Not very importantSomewhat ImportantVery Important
Food Items
Fermented Fruit Wines
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If you could only make one major improvement to our venue, what would it be? *

On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being we have reached perfection, how would you rate the ambiance *

1 - Severely Lacking2 - Needs Improvement3 - I'm ok with the ambiance4 - I really like the ambiance5 - I am in love with the ambiance
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How likely are you to recommend our venue to others for special events? *

What would motivate you to return your empty bottles to us to upcycle? *

Not ImportantSomewhat ImportantVery Important
The satisfaction of knowing I have helped the environment
A discount on upcycled goods
Receiving reward points that translate into store credit.
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Would a bottle return/upcycle program affect how often you visit us?

What type of upcycled products would you be interested in?

Would you visit us more often if we put a dog-friendly patio in our back lot? *

Which type of event would you be interested in attending?

Not InterestedA little InterestedInterestedVery Interested
Craft Workshops
Pop-Up Pairings
Themed Nights
Live Music
Game Nights

If you are interested in Game Nights, which games most interest you? *

How often would you attend a member exclusive event? *


How likely would you be to attend a themed night where we play music from a particular genre or artist? *

Are there any other business/brands that you'd like to see us do a collaboration with?

Which of these is most important to you when you consider when to visit next? *

DiscountsNew Drinks/FoodNew Events/ProgrammingMore Comfortable Space
4 - Most Important
3 - Also Important
2 - Not as Important
1 - Least Important
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Other general comments about our offerings, programming, or membership?